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What people are saying about Givelify

I’m a senior and have never used Givelify. Since the virus pandemic, I have been forced to make myself aware of this manner of supporting my church. Once this pandemic is over, and it will be, I will continue my support of my church through this process.

by Ruben A.

I was dreading having to download an app just to give, but set up was so easy! I’m glad this is the app we use!

by Dara A.

It’s noon. I’ve been to 3 worship services. And thanks to apps like @Givelify, I’ve given 3 separate offerings. It’s a small thing, but let’s do whatever we can to keep alive the institutions we love.

by Yolanda P.

I use Givelify every week to bless the house of God. It’s easy to use that even my mother uses it.

by Dara A.

Today was by first time using this app. With coronavirus, I’m not attending church. I’m thankful that with this app, I’ll be able to continue financially support my church.

by Ruben A.

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